Colorado Corruption

Why Wasn't This Allowed To Be Presented To The Court?

I sit in a Federal prison surrounded by people with corid-19, let me tell you that I have had this disease and was not given any medical care despite coughing up blood for 2 weeks and finally getting to see a doctor after 3 weeks. I was not tested for Covid-19 because tests are not available, and after an x ray the doctor informed me, I had lung damage indicative of the virus. Today prison officials are trying to pass this off as bronchitis and it is not. Many other prisoners and guards are sick as well and still no testing available. Now after another exam from a Doctor I am told that my heart is damaged from the virus and it has shortened my life.   

My plight was initiated fraudulently as was my conviction. The lack of oversight and even the lack of concern that our biggest law enforcement agency is cheating, allowing lying and corruption to perpetuate injustice should serve as warning to us all. The only objective is numbers of convictions, let justice be damned. 

The day I was taken into custody I attempted to present the facts that would have freed me. The judge refused to allow anything from me.  My assertion of an agent who was only consistent in her dishonesty and acts that should be criminal was never given the light of day by the presiding judge. Here is a link to the paperwork that is part of my Prose.  CLICK HERE

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